CHINESE AND FOREIGN ENTREPRENEURS: Anita Tang - Female Strategist in the Business Kingdom - October, 2008

Dazzled by entrepreneurs of the business world for their talent and success, few outsiders recognize the "invisible hand" which helps to propel the sparkling stars to visibility. Unbeknown to the general public, business strategists, with a keen eye for opportunities, sharp observation and ability to broker deals, are the unseen rocket launchers of stars. These are the popular business consultants, the strategists of the new world. 

Anita Tang is a member of this elite group of strategists. 

Anita's first mentor in strategic planning was her mother. "My mother has no formal education, but she has a wise view of life and values such as responsibility that helped shape my character and behavior. Among other things, she told us that markets are cyclical, and that I and my sister and brothers should enter into different professions - if one was not going well, the other three could help. We followed her advice, and took it a step further by moving to different parts of the world. I'm sure this set my course for creating a company concerned with strategic planning."

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