XINHUA Interview: Chinese Company's Planned Purchase of Hummer Draws Mixed Reviews - June 6, 2009

Anita Y. Tang, managing director of Royal Roots Global, a Chicago-based U.S.-China cross-border business strategy advisor, said there are many concerns about Tengzhong's acquisition of Hummer. 

"The biggest post-acquisition challenge is not one that money and expertise can easily fix. It is about bringing the American team and Chinese team together -- to work as one with one same goal in mind -- survive and thrive," she said. 

"The challenge is to instigate such flames in each person in this cross-border, cross-cultural entity and translate it into affirmative actions," she added. 

On the positive side, Tang said China can add additional value to the Hummer brand by possibly leveraging its solar expertise to improve the SUV's poor fuel efficiency. 

She said, too, that Tengzhong may be buying the Hummer brand for its look and design and will attempt to advance its investment by making the SUV a "total package." 

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