XINHUA Interview: BP Oil Spills Impact Likely to Last Longer, says observer - May 11, 2010

In an interview with Xinhua, Jim Fox, senior consultant at Royal Roots Global Inc, a Chicago-based management consulting firm, said: "Hurricanes are a constant force of nature. While no one knows where they will strike, that they will strike is a certainty. They arrive, do their damage, and are swiftly gone. Recovery and rebuilding takes place, at varying paces depending upon the location and severity of the storm."

On the other hand, Fox pointed out: "Oil spills are not acts of nature and recovery from them is a far different process."

He further explained: "The issue of energy, one of the most important before this event, is impacted in various ways. The emotional aspects, which are always present, become understandably magnified in the aftermath of such a dramatic event. It may have a political impact on the attempts to develop additional domestic sources of hydrocarbons."

"China has the opportunity to consider the methods and techniques which it will permit to be used with the goal of minimizing to the extent possible events similar to the ongoing disaster. China would be wise to balance the very substantial benefits of offshore energy development with the corresponding risks to the environmental, marine, agricultural, leisure and other interests in the coastal region," he added.

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