• Royal Roots Global Inc. provides financial and marketing consultancy primarily to companies wishing to do business in the United States or Chinese markets.
  • The “Royal Roots” part of our name comes from that of a trading company our managing director established in 1994 to export American ginseng root to China. Ginseng root was first taken to China from America in 1784 on the ship “The Empress of China”. Ginseng was sold only to Chinese Emperors, and was thus truly a royal root.
  • The trading company evolved to become Royal Roots Global Inc. We retained part of the name because it celebrates early China-America trade.
  • As we expand our networks in China and the United States, we responded to the need to make our company mark readily accessible in Chinese. To that end, we added our mark in Chinese in January 2005: 贯中咨询.
  • The first character of our Chinese name – 贯 (guàn) – means “to thread and interconnect”. Before the popularization of paper currency in the Qing Dynasty, money was in a coin form; coins were threaded by a string to hold them in place. The second character, 中 (zhōng), is middle, China – the Middle Kingdom.
  • Together, they signify our firm’s thorough understanding and rich knowledge of the Middle Kingdom, to help bridge and interconnect companies interested in developing business with China.
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